It's like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July and your birthday all rolled into one!  Today is National Pie Day and the only proper thing to do would be to celebrate with a big old slab (or two) of your favorite flavor from your favorite place.

I'm gonna tell you that I don't think there's anyone that can top the chocolate pie my grandmother would make in a cast iron skillet (Thank you Aunt Louise for keeping the recipe alive) but the chocolate pie from Strawn's is a pretty close second!

Course, I just love chocolate, but I understand others might like lemon ice box, apple, caramel, pumpkin, sweet potato, strawberry or some other flavor.  So, if you're headed for pie today, where are you going and what are you ordering?

According to Yelp some of the best pies around are at the following:

  • Strawn's Eat Shop
  • Julie Anne's Bakery
  • Whisk Dessert Bar
  • Jacquelyn's Cafe
  • Southfield Grill

But maybe your favorite isn't listed above?  So, in your opinion who's got the best pie and what flavor of there's do you like most?  Just leave your comments below!

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