Some experts have speculated that the civil unrest currently being felt in our country is rampantly brewing and feels much like those months immediately leading up to the Civil War.

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While I would certainly pray our country would never end in another "War Between the States" I can certainly attest to the vast differences between today's conservatives and liberals.

As I ran down rabbit hole after rabbit hole looking for possible common ground between the two factions, I ran across a fact I'd never read before.

According to, the battle in the Red River Valley centering on the Union's attempt to capture Shreveport would ultimately prove to be the last decisive victory for the Confederate Army in the entire Civil War.

I've lived here my entire life. Took my Louisiana History class in the 8th grade and to the best of knowledge, was never given this little tidbit about my own hometown.

As the story goes, Shreveport was of great interest to the Union army as it served as the capital of the Confederate Louisiana (Never knew that either) and as headquarters of the Army of the Trans-Mississippi.

Adding to the Union's interest in our area was the fact that Shreveport was also home to a number of armories, foundries and a Confederate naval shipyard. (And yet another fact I never learned in Louisiana history)

It was of such interest to the Union forces, they committed 30,000 Union soldiers to what was known as the Red River Campaign which ran from March 2 to May 20, 1864.

With considerably less forces, numbering from 6,000 to 15,000, the Confederate Army, under the command of General Richard Taylor, would ultimately prove victorious in what the history books say is one of the largest Army-Navy operations of the war.

The Red River Campaign was deemed a Union failure in which none of its objectives were never completely achieved.

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