My first job was at my brothers restaurant, I would bus tables and wash dishes. Eventually I moved up the ladder until I realized I was far too lazy of a human being to want to own my own restaurant someday. I will forever be grateful for my summer jobs that helped me pay for mission trips and of course my awesome Razer Gold Phone that I just had to have. One summer my sister and I worked at the State Fair slinging over priced burgers and fries. It was the hottest summer yet, but I had cash money! I think the grunt work of a summer job is something you never forget, but it made me realize how hard my dad had to work to make a dollar. Getting a summer job was the best thing I ever did for myself as a high school student.

Parents if you're struggling to get your kid to find a summer job you're not alone. According to several statistics only 1 in 4 High School students have a job. Only 1% of students work full time.

Employers, do you need some summer help around the shop, restaurant, or farm? Please tell us all about it! We would love to share it and help you have a full staff. Let us know all about your job openings in the comments below!

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