It might be that you are just getting your work life started or you are finally to the point where you realize that you just don't have your heart in the job you currently have.

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You might have had this job for twenty years and it's just dawned on you that the dead end sign is getting closer and closer?

Zoonar RF - Thinkstock
Zoonar RF - Thinkstock

Either way, you are probably racking your brain looking for some adventure or some type of industry that you would actually consider fun. Remember the old adage, "Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life."

Of course, it would be nice if this "fun" job actually pays enough to be able to pay your bills and possibly raise a family. And it would be even nicer if you didn't have to go back to school and possibly on to medical school.

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However, the medical industry is the highest paying average in the entire country, so if money is your motivator you might want to start searching for the best rates on student loans.

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But, if you are somewhat of a thrill junkie, or that nine to five life just isn't your cup of tea, I think we might have stumbled on to a few occupational ideas that might be right up your alley.

Just take a look and see if one of these fun jobs that actually pay pretty well, might grab your attention!

Fun Jobs That Actually Pay Pretty Well

There are actually a number of good paying jobs that pay relatively good salaries. Take a look at what we found and see if one of these might be something you're looking for.

Gallery Credit: Gary McCoy

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