Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins is asking the Shreveport City Council to approve Henry Whitehorn as the City's Chief Administrative Officer, while a newly created position inside the city happens at the same time.

The Mayor would like Whitehorn to become the City's CAO, as current CAO Sherricka Fields Jones moves to become the City's first Chief Financial Officer. The nomination of Whitehorn was made in early February to the Council, and won't be voted on until next week, at the earliest.

But that hasn't stopped the Mayor's administration from giving Whitehorn a $160,000 salary already.

Whitehorn is now the Mayor's "Chief of Staff", a position the Mayor's Office says doesn't need Council approval to hire for. In fact, Whitehorn has already started the job, and is already getting paid by the City.

The Mayor's Office released a statement explaining the move is to help with Whitehorn's transition into the CAO position, a job he doesn't have yet, and is guaranteed to secure with the City Council. Which could possibly leave Whitehorn in the $160k job moving forward.

Whitehorn is the former Chief of Police in Shreveport, and has been followed by various controversies in his career. He was named in a gender discrimination lawsuit by a high ranking Louisiana State Police trooper, involved in police brutality investigations, and issues with issuing licensing & permits to registered sex offenders.

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