We always knew we were unique here in northwest Louisiana and our landmarks are just as quirky as we are. Case in point? The 'toilet bowl' on Hwy 154 near Ringgold, LA!

I started thinking about this other day after getting directions from a girlfriend. Women always use landmarks, while men tend to tell you to head north on Hwy 1... So what are some of our most recognizable landmarks? I came up with some easy ones, like the 'neon' Texas Street bridge, the large cross in Haughton at Central Assembly of God or the Charlie Brown south of town in the middle of I-49 that's usually decorated for Christmas and Mardi Gras.

Clearly, I missed a few, so I opened it up to my friends on Facebook and our listeners... Now I'm going to have to ride three plus parishes this weekend to check 'em all out!

Jerrald Deaton
Jerrald Deaton

1. The 'rockin' horse' tree in Keithville. The woman who put it up reportedly was a bus driver in the Keithville area for decades and apparently each horse represents a member of her family.
2. The TS Station train car on Youree Drive in Shreveport
3. The boat at Dupont's Fish Market just north of downtown Shreveport
4. The 'toilet bowl' on HWy 154 near Ringgold
5. The old 'sick transmission' ambulance has been seen in north Shreveport since 1969
6. The big chicken near the Shreveport Police Department
7. The 'Frog Level' in Rodessa
8. The big cowboy in Bienville
9. The haunted church bell tower in Taylor Town
10. The Shadow House in Dubberly
11. The Dizzy Dean's baseball bat on N. Market
12. The big dog near Shreveport Regional Airport
13. The big horse in Cooterville on Hwy 71 just south of Elm Grove

Check out some of the stories that were shared on Facebook by clicking the link below, along with pictures and commentary and make sure to tell us about your favorite landmarks!

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