Since IHOP is officially going all in on burgers with their new IHOB name, we thought we would pass along some ideas for a potential "Louisiana Burger" menu option.

In case you haven't heard, IHOP is now IHOB. The International House of Pancakes is putting its focus on burgers. This isn't too much of a stretch since the popular breakfast chain had burgers on the menu already. The move came on Monday after a week of teasing and it's only taken five seconds for the Internet to lose its mind.

This got me thinking a lot about burgers (honestly, I already dream about burgers every 6.7 seconds) and the possibility to customize burgers for each state. Wouldn't it be great to walk into a Louisiana IHOB and see a burger on the menu representing our state? What would this burger be made with or topped with?

Let's dive in...

Bun: A savory beignet. Don't get it twisted, we don't want any powdered sugar here, but a dusting of Tony's? We're in.

Patty: Take a boudin ball and smash that down into a patty on the griddle.

Toppings: Aside from cheese, we're not really interested. And with cheese, we don't discriminate.

Condiments: Forego the typical ketchup and mustard. Instead let's smother this baby in a crawfish etouffee.

Served with: Pretty much anything deep fried.

How would you make a Louisiana burger?

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