It's the biggest debate with my friends after a concert. "Where do y'all wanna go eat?" If we are in Dallas I will beg with every ounce of my being "PUHHHHLEASE! Let's go to In-N-Out!" If we had an In-N-Out in the Ark-La-Tex I wouldn't eat anywhere else after a concert. Since we are in Concert Season my only real question before going to a concert is "Do we have parking and a post-concert meal figured out?" This is the perfect time to start rethinking Uber Eats, please SBC let's bring Uber here. I want food at the click of a button! There are some requirements, they must be open after 1:00 a.m. and must tolerate people coming down from that concert adrenaline. Where do you go out to eat after a concert or a night full of adult beverages and dancing? Don't see your favorite post-concert meal location? Add it.

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