The wife of a good friend of ours added this to her husband's Facebook page on Friday:

Wedding Vows

The saddest part of that is just how true it really is.  And it got us to thinking.  After a couple has been married a number of years, hindsight sets in, and the reality of just how inadequate the original vows were, becomes painfully obvious.  There are just a number of things the preacher needs to include in there that go way above "love, honor and obey."

Things like:

  • I vow to never own more than 10 pairs of shoes
  • I promise to never max out a credit card
  • I vow to always take my dirty hunting boots off before I come in the house
  • I vow to never agree to any kind of plans during hunting season
  • I promise to always help chauffeur kids to their football, baseball, softball, soccer, dance, karate, etc. events
  • I vow to always close the bathroom door when handling business

And we opened it up for listeners to call in with their suggestions for those missing vows and what we got was nothing short of hysterical.

Just take a listen and let us know what other vows we might have missed out on.

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