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If you wouldn't have told folks in 2019 that people would be hoarding toilet paper, they would have looked at you like a pig looking at a watch! Let's face it 2020 has been a veritable roller coaster of emotions for most of us, so we've got to take the opportunity to laugh when we can!

With that being said, there are a lot of things coming out of our mouths now that we would have never have dreamed of saying in 2019. I actually told one gentleman suitor to, 'skip the flowers, I want Charmin.' He actually thought that was a pretty legit request! So what else has changed in our lives during this monumental paradigm shift? I went to social media to find out... Here's what I asked... What's one thing you've said in the past six months that would make no sense to someone in 2019? Like... "They wouldn't let me into the bank because I wasn't wearing a mask." As per usual, you didn't disappoint! Here are a few of my favorites.

Peter Ziello - "Make sure it is 3 ply or don't come home"
Kristina Aaron Morgan - Mass text: "Mack is at Lowe's and they're restocking TP and paper towels. Who needs some? We'll pick it up!"
Jeff Roberts - "It's ok if you don't want to go to school today son."
Kim Bardovsky Moore - "And this is why I never homeschooled!!"
Melody Lapp - "Oh we will have to get that tomorrow... Walmart closes at 8:30"
Janet Brumley - "Woohoo I scored big! Big pkg Charmin tp and big pkg Viva paper towels. 3 pack Clorox wipes and 3 cans Lysol spray !! I got it all at Walmart on Shed Road bout 30 mins ago!"
Veronica Cook - "Ok, mom's in line at the chicken plant in Minden, who needs 10 lb chicken?"
Angela Sepeda Newberry - "I’m essential!!!"
Angela Sepeda Newberry - "My Jeep gets 4 weeks to a gallon."
Mark Haines - "Give me a squirt!!! “Meaning hand sanitizer”"

Want to add to the list? Feel free and make sure to give me a follow;)

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