Hi I'm Krystal. The new girl who has absolutely no idea what to do for fun in Shreveport/Bossier. Yesterday I googled "things to do for fun in Shreveport/Bossier City" One of the first things that popped up was the boardwalk. I jumped into my toaster on wheels and sat through the detours to add some fun and variety to my Sunday. I cruised around, I walked inside of every store. I spent money on unnecessary snacks at Rocket Fizz, ate some ice cream that cured my hot flashes at Cold Stone, realized even though almost everything is a retail outlet, I'll always choose food over anything else. The college kid in me will never die.

After two hours I sat down for a burger and watched locals walk out of the movie theater, everyone seemed to be following a schedule, it seemed like a schedule of fun. I had to ask myself "Where could these folks be heading to? Besides the movies and casinos where is the entertainment?". Then it hit me, I feel like a tourist in my new hometown. I realize that my "Hey Siri" questions won't help find the hidden gems in SBC, that's why I need your input. What do you do for fun on the weekend? Where are your favorite brunch spots? What place is the perfect place for date night? Who has the best happy hour special in SBC? I live for happy hour! I love mom and pop restaurants.  I can't wait to try out your favorite spots and hopefully run into you around town.

- Krystal the almost "Local"

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