La La Land lands 14 Oscar nominations
Well, bummer.  Yesterday I was pretty optimistic about Deadpool's chances of getting an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and/or Best Actor, but it wasn't to be. The big vote-getter was a musical of all things!  La La Land landed 14 nominations which ties it w…
America’s Got Talent: Episode 16 Review
It’s been a long road getting to the quarterfinals in ‘America’s Got Talent‘ but here we are. Now it’s time to shrink down the group of contestants so more as America decides once again who they like better out of these twelve performers.
‘Hatfields and McCoys’ Makes Cable Ratings History
Over a century after their infamous family feud ended, the Hatfields and McCoys have made history once again, this time on TV. History’s three-part miniseries, which concluded last night, is now the highest rated non-sports broadcast in basic cable history. That’s som…
‘Dancing with the Stars’ Review: Finals Night
This is it — the week we finally learn who wins ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ All three of the couples in the finals this year were excellent, so the margin of victory will be the narrowest of narrows.
Let’s check out their Monday night performances … LI…
Free or Cheap Summer Fun For Kids [VIDEO]
Remember as kids when we played in the yard for hours during our summer vacation? We could be entertained with a sprinkler and a tarp. Or a piece of cardboard and a hill. Not now. No, kids need to be iEntertained. iPad. iPod. iPhone. Let's unplug the fun and start a list of FREE or nearly FREE …
Cancelled Television Shows 2012
Wow! This is one long list of shows that got the axe. We're kinda bummed about a few of them, and on the other hand--we wonder how on earth television producers ever thought some of the shows on this list would've worked in the first place. Is your favorite on the list? One of mine is.

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