Apparently this seemingly morbid, but comical little question has gone viral on social media?  What if the last text message you sent appeared on your tombstone?

What it be pretty awesome or extremely comical?  We entertained this question on Kiss Country this morning and some of the responses we got were absolute knee slappers.

Joshua called in to tell us that his tombstone would read "You got a bag full of teeth.  Just like a serial killer.  I saw it on TV."  Apparently he and his wife have 8 children and he says, "that's a whole lot of teeth."  His wife had texted him to say that she had a bag of teeth in her drawer.  Thus his response.

Others called in with some hysterical responses like "Have you lost your mind?", "I'll be there in 20 minutes", "I'm here, where are you?", "Wake the hell up!", "I want my heater back", "On my way handsome", and one of our favorites was "I slept like a log last night."

So, using your last text message, what would appear on your tombstone?

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