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We took a trip down memory lane this morning talking about the best advertising campaigns ever. Sure, we all remember 'Trix are for kids,' but what about those catchphrases that only people from Shreveport-Bossier remember? We've got 'em for you!

We all know, 'Get Gordon,' the ad for lawyer Gordon McKernan or 'One Call, That's All,' for attorney Morris Bart, but what about those ads or commercials that have stuck in your head for years? We asked for your help getting while we were waxing nostalgic and you sure delivered! Here are some of our favorite advertising slogans/campaigns from our area of all time! Be careful, some of them are a bit risque!

Caddo Radiator - A Great Place to Take a Leak
American Carport and Muffler in Ruston - Dr. of Muffology... Ain't No Muff Too Tough!
Cowboys - Cowboys, a city slickin', high kickin' time!
Mondello Scaffolding and Shoring - We Take Pride in Every Erection
Custom Finishes Painting and Drywall - If We Can't Handle It, You Better Panel It!
Hannah Ford - You Can Afford a Hannah Ford
Smith's Towing - We Don't Want an Arm and a Leg, Just Your Tow!
Wagner's Meat Market - You Can't Beat Our Meat!
Diesel Driving Academy - When You Drive a Truck, You Have a Job My Friend
Blakey Auto - Honk as You Go By
Otto's - Otto's Spelled Backwards is Still Ottos
Schorr Furniture - Schorr, The Working Man's Store
Bill Goodman's Gun and Knife Show - Sure as Shootin', We'll See You There!

Can you think of more? We can't wait to hear from you! Just shoot us a message and make sure to check out more of the discussion below!

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