How could a so-called mad scientist change the way we watch football? What ever could a sweet looking 86-year-old man do that would change the world? He dropped his pants during a medical lecture and forever changed the landscape of growing older.

Giles Brandley is a scientist, when he dropped his pants during a urology lecture in 1983 he got the reputation for being a "mad scientist". However in true scientific tradition he was simply proving his point. Brandley's point was that certain smooth muscle relaxants when injected in the "private" areas of the male anatomy could create something that many older man could no longer create.

As Brandley gave his lecture on how this kind of injection could be cause for," rhymes with injection". He literally stepped out from behind the podium he was speaking from and dropped his pants revealing that his experiment truly did work. Needless to say the gathering of scientist was shocked but very impressed. Well, as impressed as you can be looking at an old man standing with his pants around his ankles.

Brandley's findings led to future research and eventually the people at Pfizer noticed a drug they were working on to treat angina had some rather pleasant side effects.Those side effects produced similar results of those that Brandley had written about. From those experiments and side effects Viagra was born.

How does that change the way we watch football? Well just watch any game on TV this weekend. You'll no doubt see advertisements featuring guys getting stuck in the mud with a trailer full of horses or guys doing chores with their wives and then for some reason you'll begin to wonder what it would be like to really do that for four hours.

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