Just how cruel does a person have to be to commit a crime like this?

I've always believed that the way we treat children and animals is all a person needs to see to determine the true caliber of a person we are.

And the person who did this really needs to recalibrate their moral compass.

According to the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office, on Thursday, November 18, deputies responded to a report of numerous dead puppies on Louisiana Highway 2 at the Sikes Ferry Bridge.

What the deputies discovered when they arrived was that someone had discarded a bag containing the lifeless bodies of ten puppies.

All the puppies appeared to be only four or five days old and according to the Sheriff's Department, appeared to be Pit Bull or Pit Bulled mixed breed.

I'm going to quickly interject a side note that is NOT fact, but mere speculation. Do you think those puppies were all dead when they were bagged up? I'm nearly certain they weren't and that they died a slow, miserable death of starvation and dehydration. What a horrendous way to leave this world.

The Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office has since issued notice they are seeking any information on the person or persons responsible for this heinous crime.

According to their Facebook page, the Sheriff's Department writes:

If anyone has information about the person/persons responsible or saw any suspicious vehicles on the Sikes Ferry bridge on November 17th or 18th please call our office at 318-377-1515.

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