We have all had those days at work. You can’t help the outcome but you power through it. Luckily for many of us we can go home and gripe to our roommate or partner. What if you couldn’t hold it until you got home? What if your job was live on TV? Better yet what if your job was a weatherman and you knew there was no way of sugar coating the weather? Clearly the weather lately is a way to get us all riled up. With our April feeling more like January these days I am sure we can relate to his coworkers who are so over unpredictable weather. This weather man had an epic meltdown and unfortunately for Garry Frank the weather guy, the internet will let us relieve his live meltdown over and over again.

Someone get this poor guy a cupcake and a vacation. Hopefully his coworkers quit giving him such a hard time and celebrate unpredictable weather!

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