Normally I can pick a team to cheer on when the Super Bowl comes around but this year I am pretty sure I am just watching the Super Bowl because it's the American thing to do. My older brothers raised me to bleed blue and silver because of that no matter where I live, I am forever a Cowboys fan. We got so close this year, I almost had a heart attack watching the game. Unfortunately, since my Cowboys are out I will resort to watching the big game in hopes of getting a good laugh out of the commercials.

Does your family have a Super Bowl party even if your team doesn't make the cut? If so, you and I are a lot alike. We watch the game for the commercials and the food. It's okay to admit it. Can we all just embrace that we are watching the game because of the commercials? I am hoping for a new "Dilly Dilly" hilarious commercial from Budweiser. I love watching it first live. So I hate when the Super Bowl commercials are leaked. I am just here to tell you it is okay to just watch the game for the commercials. Disagree? Let us know why in the comments below.

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