I do not claim to have psychic abilities but I can put two and two together and make a fairly accurate prediction about your life over the next eight weeks. If you are a football fan you will long for the days of car commercials, one week fantasy football league commercials, and even those commercials that show a couple in separate bathtubs contemplating what just happened over the last four hours.

Gone will be the annoying TV commercials of our present. In there place will be wide angle drone videos of our state. Those videos will feature American flags and multicultural gatherings between people of all backgrounds and ethnicity. The common glue that brings all of these things together for a better Louisiana and a better country will be. Insert the name of a politician here.

Labor Day usually marks the unofficial official start to the  campaign season. We have a big election coming up in November. Chances are you won't see many advertisements for Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump but you will see a lot of ads for our statewide office seekers. 

Almost all of the candidates for U.S. Senate are on television and radio spreading their manure message to the people of our state. Their presence on your local airwaves will become more and more prevalent as we get closer to the election.

That doesn't  include the really snarky, evil, mother stabbing, baby leaving, father hating, advertisements you will hear from political action committees. Those announcements will not be authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee but you can bet we will soon learn to be disgusted with all of our political candidates. To quote John Mellencamp, "Aint that America."


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