An Epic Rescue Out of East Texas is Catching Attention All Over the Ark-La-Tex.

Lieutenant Josh Hill has quickly become a celebrated name among animal lovers everywhere. Although he may have burned his hands he has no regrets about saving a pup from a burning vehicle.

It all started when Hill tried to pull over a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed, that vehicle ended up crashing and the driver fled the scene. Luckily for this dog, Lieutenant Josh Hill realized there was a trapped dog in the burning vehicle. What happened next was an epic rescue caught on video.

Constable Josh Joplin of Smith County Precinct 4 Shared the Story of the Rescue Along With a Video on His Facebook Page.

"At 2:07 PM, Lieutenant Josh Hill was patrolling in the 11500 block of CR 3101 (Barber Rd) in Precinct 4, when a black passenger car traveling at a high rate of speed, veered into Lt. Hill’s lane of travel, nearly hitting his patrol vehicle. Lt. Hill attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle and the vehicle fled. The pursuit lasted approximately 9 minutes, and the pursuit ended at West Goforth and Old Hwy 135 in Gregg County, where the vehicle wrecked out. The driver exited the vehicle and fled the scene of the crash. The vehicle caught fire and while Lt. Hill was clearing the vehicle, he noticed a dog had been left inside the burning vehicle. With Fire Department on the way and an unknown ETA, Lt. Hill decided to approach the burning vehicle in an attempt to make entry to retrieve the dog. He was successful in retrieving the dog from the burning vehicle and sustained minimal burns to his fingers. We are very proud to have outstanding peace officers such as Lt. Hill here in Precinct 4. The Precinct 4 Constable’s Office would like to thank the Gregg County Sheriff's Office, Gregg County DPS, Kilgore Police Department, Kilgore City Animal Control, Gladewater and Sabine Fire Department, and all the Citizens who stopped to render aid. We truly appreciate the professionalism we always receive from Sheriff Cerliano and Chief Hunter’s staff. Great working relationships with our neighboring Gregg County First Responders has solved a lot of crime in both our Counties."

You can see the flames and just knowing there is a dog inside that is panicked fearing for its life is enough to make me bite my nails off. I only watched the video because I knew there was a happy ending at the end.


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