I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Russell the founder of Warrior Horse. If you have ever met the man you know he has an infectious smile and a warm demeanor. I saw his hat and I wondered, "What in the world is a warrior horse?" So I asked, what followed were a series of chills. "We lose 22 veterans a day to suicide. That is just unacceptable." We have been consumed with talking about celebrities losing their fight to depression, but what about the 22 soldiers a day who protected us? Over 8,000 veterans are committing suicide every year, Kevin along with the whole team at Warrior Horse have a mission to decrease that number dramatically. They fly out veterans from all over the country and Warrior Horse pays all the expenses.

"These men and women have returned home from war and they have an invisible injury that needs to be addressed. It's imperative that we not lose them when they get back.  This program will help them get back into a living condition instead of an existing condition." said the Warrior Horse Founder Kevin Russell. If you're curious as to how the program works watch the video below.

We are forever thankful for Kevin Russell and the rest of the committee at Warrior Horse. Their commitment to our veterans brings us hope. Warrior Horse can't help our veterans without our help, if you can donate, please donate today here. You can also make a check out to Warrior Horse and mail it to Warrior Horse 524 Wallace Lake RD, Frierson, LA 71027.


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