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The thought of being attacked enters your mind anytime you're out after dark in many areas and your personal protection becomes paramount.

With that thought in mind, many Louisiana citizens have pursued the legal right to carry a concealed handgun in an effort to provide that protection.

In Louisiana, carrying that concealed weapon does require special permitting though.

According to the website giffords.org,

Louisiana does not prohibit a person from carrying a concealed handgun in public if the person has a permit. However, Louisiana prohibits the “negligent carrying of a concealed handgun,” which applies regardless of whether a person is licensed under state law, and includes carrying a concealed handgun, intentionally or with criminal negligence, when it is foreseeable that the handgun may discharge.

So, if you're thinking you might like to get the mandated education needed to obtain that Louisiana Concealed Carry Handgun permit, the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department is holding a class tomorrow, Saturday, August 5th.

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator said, "The Caddo Sheriff's Office is offering state-required training for anyone 21 and older who would like to obtain a concealed handgun permit."


Citizens can complete most of the state requirements in one stop by attending this class August 5th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Sheriff's Regional Training Academy at 15639 Highway 1 South, Shreveport.

The course includes classroom instruction, firing range instruction, and a qualifications course.

The cost to attend is $100.  Pre-registration is required by calling Deputy Meosha Hamilton at 681-0845.

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