If a police officer were to wake you up, most would think the worst. That it was an emergency and they were there to serve and protect.

However, if proven guilty of his charges, one Oil City Police Officer would appear he woke his victim with something completely different on his mind.

According to the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department, Caddo detectives have arrested an Oil City Police Officer, accused of committing sexual battery while on duty.


Detectives charge that just after 7:30 am yesterday morning, Sunday, June 12, William Fitzpatrick entered the residence of a woman without permission.

The allegations continue with charges that he awakened his victim while inappropriately touching her. Investigation into the matter lead to Fitzpatrick’s arrest on Sunday afternoon.

William Fitzpatrick, 39, has been booked into Caddo Correctional Center charged with unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling and misdemeanor sexual battery.

At the time of this writing, we were still awaiting a mugshot of the arrested from the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department.

Caddo Correctional Center Weekend Bookings 6/3/22-6/5/22

The following mugshots are those who were booked to the Caddo Correctional Center through the dates of, 6/3/22-6/5/22. Some of these inmates have already been released. Some inmates have yet to go to trial for their alleged crimes, and are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Bossier Parish Mugshot Round-Up 6/3/2022 - 6/5/2022

It was another long weekend in Bossier Parish as the brave men and women of the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office cleaned up the streets once again. The charges levied against these folks range from DWI to drug possession - with a healthy dose of failure to appear! That being said - it's important to note that some of these inmates have already been released, and several have yet to go to trial for their alleged crimes. 

All are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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