Going to a home game for the New Orleans Saints in the Super Dome is already the Fall highlight for most sports fans', but, and pardon the pun, this is definitely a game changer!

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Waitr, soon to be known as ASAP, has entered into a partnership with the Dome, and those who choose to use their services can completely avoid standing in concession lines.

Louisiana Radio Network caught up with Dean Turcol of ASAP and he stated that those who use the ASAP app to order food, will be notified the minute it's ready for pick up.


According to Turcol, “Because people can get their food and drink, without missing the action, if you time it right, to go up and get your stuff. And we’re really excited about that we’re doing it with our home state Louisiana and the Saints.” .

There Will Be Two Ways To Access The ASAP App

You will actually be able to pick one of two ways to access the ASAP app to place your order.  One of those will be to use the QR codes listed on the concourse.

And Turcol explained the other option, “Or you download the ASAP app, and just like when you order your food for delivery at home, with the ASAP app at the stadium you just basically order your concessionaire food and then they’ll tell you when it’s done.”

Dean Turcol Says The New Service Is All Part Of Their Transition

The new stadium service, according to Turcol is part of the company's transition from Waitr to ASAP.  He says, “It’s a business transition to the broader delivery anything model, and that’s what we’re really hoping that Louisiana, who’s been so great to us with Waitr will follow us to ASAP.”

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