Normally I can pick a team to cheer on when the Super Bowl comes around but this year I am pretty sure I am just watching with the hopes of a good meal and a chuckle or two. My older brothers raised me to bleed blue and silver. I am forever a Cowboys fan. I guess that means I am automatically prone to hate the Eagles. When I realized the Super Bowl would have the Eagles and the Patriots going head to head I was already annoyed. Seriously? The two teams I hate the most are playing against each other?  Now I am really going to have to admit that I am just watching the game to catch a glimpse of greatness when the Super Bowl commercials come on!

Some commercials have already been leaked, I refuse to watch them. I am looking forward to the return of Melissa McCarthy and hopefully a new "Dilly Dilly" party from Budweiser. I love watching it first live. Weird right? Why do you watch the Super Bowl?


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