NBCDFW.com just made my nightmares come to life. They interviewed a woman who claims that her bank account was drained after her card was declined several times.

Nyshje Rattler was interviewed by NBCDFW.com and she claims that she discovered the credit card skimmer in plain sight. The best part is she caught the entire interaction on video.

Rattler claims that she walked back into the McKinney convenience store after getting off the phone with her bank. The conversation with the bank didn't go well since they informed her that her bank account was empty. She decided in order to get answers she would be the one that needed to do a little bit of investigation herself.

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Rattler told NBCDFW that the credit card reader inside the store looked "off".She was able to find a fake cover sitting on top of the machine. She told the NBCDFW crew “I compared the two and I noticed that the one I grabbed was bulkier on the side, kind of sticking out. It wasn’t flat like they said. So, I just lifted it up and it came up,”

Since the video went viral on Twitter, McKinney Police are now investigating the incident. Up until now, I didn't know what to look for and what a credit card skimmer looks like, but thanks to Rattler, we can now spot it. Check out the video below and make sure that you check before you run your credit card.

Twitter User @ObsessedWithNy_
Twitter User @ObsessedWithNy_

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