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When you watch a video like this one, two things will just jump right out at you. First, it is obvious that this is 2020. The COVID masks remind us all of the pandemic that we are currently living through.

But, it is the second thing I really want to focus on. And that is the real patriotism shown here. From the kids, who are proud to pledge their allegiance to this incredible country, and also from the teachers and staffs of our schools who make sure that, daily, our kids are reminded of the oath we take as citizens to love, honor and stay loyal to the good old U.S. of A.

Yes, we manage to mess up a bunch of things here in our neck of the woods, but we have nailed this one. Our kids take the time every day, to stand an honor our nation and its flag.

I guess that is just one more reason we are convinced this is the greatest place in the world to live! It is so refreshing to know that here in Kiss Country, kids are still reminded of the freedoms we enjoy as they recite the Pledge of Allegiance on a daily basis in our local schools.

And because of that, we want to make sure the whole world understands just how important it is to love this country! Thank you to Mrs. Boothe's 4th grade at Princeton Elementary School for leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance today!

They are our featured Kiss Country “Class of the Day” and they couldn’t have done a better job! Make sure you join us each morning at 6:45 for a new Kiss Class of the Day to be featured with the Pledge!

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