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Let's all hear it for the Red, White and Blue! If you've ever paid attention to the words of the Pledge of Allegiance, then you understand exactly what's going on here.

Obviously, just like any other family, we have a few problems here in the country. But, the "Allegiance" that we all PLEDGE, circumvents all of that. We must learn to love each other in spite of those issues and remember that the whole is much larger than the sum of its parts.

That's why these kids are so important to us. They get it! They understand just what it means and you can hear it (even through their little facemasks)

What's equally as important as the patriotism they display is that they are just following the mood and spirit of their leaders! And I can't thank the teachers of Kiss Country enough. Since we are having to play by new rules this year amidst the COVID restrictions, and I'm not personally going to our schools like we've done in the past, we have had to rely on our local teachers to bring us our daily "Kiss Class of the Day" featuring a local elementary class as they recite the Pledge of Allegiance for us.

And our teachers were too happy and willing to accommodate. Videos of these local classes are arriving every day, and the class we're featuring today as our Kiss Class of the Day is Mrs. Gladney’s 5th grade class at Princeton Elementary School

We are hoping (and so are the kids) that you'll take a second to watch them as they lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance!

Make sure you join us each morning at 6:45 for a new Kiss Class of the Day to be featured with the Pledge!

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