No doubt you've heard Chris Romano from Vexcon with us each week with the 'What's Bugging You' moment. But Chris and the team at Vexcon take care of more than just getting rid of ants and cockroaches!

The also get rid of snakes... lots of snakes. Case in point, when Chris came out to my mom's house last year and got rid of the snake we found in her living room!

Since Chris came out and saved us, we've become friends and yesterday he sent me pictures of a removal project he and the team had been called out on at a Shreveport area home. Yes, those are two 6-8 foot snakes hanging from rafters getting busy. Yes, they're procreating... and Chris had to climb into the attic to get them out. God bless him! I'm pretty sure I'd make a mess in my britches! Check 'em out!