I consider myself pretty average when it comes to snakes. Like most people, I hate them! And I'm pretty sure they hate me back.

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While I understand that some snakes are truly beneficial to the ecosystem, I could care less. There is just something about old "no shoulders" that will make me get really stupid, really quick.

So, if I found out I had one in my house, no one would sleep until that sucker was discovered and dispatched.

But, according to a story we just got from the Louisiana Radio Network, there's a guy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana who not only had a snake in his house, he had two of them. And he had them there on purpose.

Acting on a tip, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries went to the home of 40 year old Caleb Hudson of Breaux Bridge where they discovered a pair of copperhead snakes inside plastic totes in Hudson's home.

Adam Einck with LDWF said that after agents made the discovery, they cited Hudson for illegal possession of venomous and restricted snakes. Einck stated that copperheads are on the list of restricted snakes in Louisiana and that there are stout fines for those found in violation of state statutes regarding possessing them.

Einck stated, "For possession of venomous snakes, he’s looking at a $250 to $500 fine and also up to 90 days in jail."

And what about those snakes? Einck said, "They were both donated, one was to the Audubon Zoo and the other one was to the Alexandria Zoo."

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