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This sounds like something out of a scary movie, but this actually happened in Shreveport, LA. A woman found a real live snake in her toilet in the middle of the night and we have video.

Wait, you're telling me a woman in Shreveport, LA actually found a LIVE snake in her toilet?

Yes, yes, we are. A woman in the Sunset Acres neighborhood in Shreveport got up to use the toilet and got a nasty surprise. That's when our friend Steve Kennedy from Steve’s Snaketuary was called into action at 1:30 am Wednesday, July 26, 2023. Steve was able to identify the snake as a Ball Python which is fortunately non-venomous. He says the snake isn't native to Louisiana but is a common pet. He thinks that it was probably a pet that got loose...

How often are snakes found in toilets?

I won't lie, this is a nightmare situation of mine and I'll be checking my throne thoroughly before sitting down for a while after seeing this story, but how often does it really happen? Kennedy says it's rare, but I wanted to do some more research on the matter. After all, we're talking about 'nope ropes' here. Thankfully, every website I visited backed up Steve saying instances of snakes invading plumbing are uncommon. That's why when it does happen, it's big news.

How can you avoid ever having a snake in your toilet?

That's the million-dollar question, isn't it? After surfing the internet, I've found that snakes actually seem to make their way into your house via the ventilation pipes on your roof! It may seem like overkill, but I just got a new roof this spring, so I'll be calling my roofer to make sure I have adequate roof vent hoods. In conclusion, if make sure your vents are protected and that you don't have a lot of overhanging trees, you should be able to avoid most pests. You're welcome!

What is a Ball Python?

A Ball Python is a non-venomous python that's native to Africa. It's a constrictor that is often kept as a pet. It's considered the smallest of the African pythons according to Wikipedia and grows up to 72 inches. It's also called the 'royal python' and its scientific name is Python regius. It's called the 'ball' python because it often curls up when stressed or frightened.

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