Everywhere you go these days you hear people talk about the COVID vaccine and it often causes a heated debate. The vast majority of the medical community is urging residents to get the vaccine. But many people are still skeptical, for a variety of reasons.

KEEL News took a deep dive into the numbers to see what areas of Shreveport Bossier have the highest and lowest vaccine rates. But first we gathered some overall data. In Region 7 of the Office of Public Health, 31% of residents are vaccinated.


Here are the vaccine rates by parish in region 7:

Bossier Parish 31%.

Bienville Parish 29.02%

Caddo Parish 33%

Claiborne Parish 29.76%

DeSoto Parish 28.41%

Natchitoches Parish 30.22%

Red River Parish 24.05%

Sabine Parish 24.48%

Webster Parish 30.25%

Shreveport Neighborhoods with the Highest Vaccination Rates

South Highlands 54%

Spring Lake/University Terrace 50%

Broadmoor, Shreve Island, Anderson Island 45%

Dixie Garden, South Broadmoor, The Haven 44%

Ellerbe Road 40%

Shreveport Neighborhoods with the Lowest Vaccination Rates

Martin Luther King Jr 17%

Caddo Heights 18%

Cedar Grove 19%

Mooretown 21%

Cherokee Park 24%

Bossier City Neighborhoods with the Highest Vaccination Rates

Stockwell Place 35%

Greenacres Place 34%

Bellevue 32%

Haughton 32%

Barksdale 31%

Bossier City Neighborhoods with the Lowest Vaccination Rates

Old Bossier 19%

Benton 21%

Waller Elementary School Neighborhood 21%

Old Shed Road 22%

Rusheon Middle School Area 22%


The area with the lowest vax rate in the Shreveport Bossier area is Vivian where only about 15% of residents have gotten the vaccine.


There has also been a lot of talk about the hesitancy among some Blacks to get the vaccine. We checked those numbers too and found much lower vaccination rates among Black residents across the state and in our region.

Statewide Vaccine Numbers by Race:

30% Blacks
57% Whites

Region 7 (Northwest Louisiana)

Blacks 35%
Whites 56%

Bossier Parish

Blacks 21%
Whites 69%

Caddo Parish

Blacks 42%
Whites 50%

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