Imagine getting up for your normal 9 to 5 day job, but you're not heading to an office. No, you are getting on a plane to fly to the next resort to relax by the beach and drink fancy little cocktails. THIS is your job. You're not filling papers. You're not sending emails. Going on a vacation is what you do for your job- well it could be.

They are calling it the "World's Best Job". Seriously, the website is even titled that. Basically the job is to be a social media influencer for Vidanta.

According to Wikipedia and Google, Vidanta is a "Mexican conglomerate involved in the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of hotels, resorts and associated infrastructure. It also owns and operates the Mar de Cortés International Airport."

As stated on their website you would be "trained to be an ambassador for happiness". After training you would then travel to each of the resorts and hotels and do fun stuff like "turtle tourism, jungle zip-lining and swimming with sharks".

You have until October 21st to apply for the job. Click here to apply.

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