FINALLY! I remember watching this video and I was disgusted. I remember seeing many police officers on my Facebook page share their disgust with how this Utah Police Officer handled the situation. To the relief of many citizens, Jeff Payne was fired by the Salt Lake City Police department. Payne's watch commander, James Tracey was demoted to the rank of an officer. The video showing Jeff Payne losing it and manhandling a nurse went viral the beginning of September.

The nurse who was arrested, Alex Wubbles, has been applauded by many nurses. She stood her ground and refused to violate the law. In case you're unsure as to why she refused to produce the blood sample that Jeff Payne demanded, the Hospital policy is clear. Police officers need a patient's consent, a warrant, or the patient needs to be under arrest. In this case, the patient was unconscious and was not considered a suspect. Do you think justice was served? Do you think Jeff Payne should have just been demoted instead of fired?

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