Fat Fetus? Are you kidding me?! Yep. Treatment has started in the UK to combat the issue of overweight newborns. The controversy lies in the fact that a routine of healthy diet and exercise could probably produce the same results as the medication being used in the study. 


In my recently pregnant opinion, it is shameful to bypass diet and exercise and go straight to the easy out--just taking a pill. But, let's be realistic here--some folks just aren't going to put in the extra effort. They are the same folks that cruise the parking lot for a front row spot, even though they are about to walk 2 miles inside Wal-Mart.

The study began as a result of the increasing number of obese women becoming pregnant.

The medication being used in the study is Metformin, a diabetes medicine. By controlling the mother's blood sugar, doctors hope to decrease the size of the fetus. Doctors hope to decrease the number of "sumo babies" being born. (Babies born weighing 11 pounds or more.) The study also references the life long problems that overweight babies face as they develop into overweight children and face lifelong health issues. READ MORE.

For the greater good, I agree with the need for this study. But, it still saddens me that this is what we've come to. Hopefully the cycle can at least be somewhat controlled if this study proves successful. I wonder though, who will teach these children good health habits?