Rejoice homebodies, there is a brand new way to get some delicious food from your favorite restaurant in Shreveport delivered directly to your door.  Uber Eats, the food delivery arm of the popular ride sharing company, is now operating out of Shreveport.  This gives another option to those of us that don't want to cook, drive, or make ourselves look presentable just to get something good to eat.

According to KTBS, Uber Eats in Shreveport restaurant selection is extensive and includes much-loved establishments like Twisted Root Burger Co., Glenwood Tea Room, Taqueria La Michoacana, Giuseppe's Pastacaffe, and more!  The company touts its service as "Uber-fast" with average deliveries expected to take around 35 minutes, and they claim that getting a car for your favorite food is as easy as ordering a ride for yourself.

Not only will this make food delivery easier and more competitive in Shreveport, it also gives residents another way to make a little cash on the side.  If you want to download the app, order delivery for some edible goodies, work for Uber Eats, or just want to find out more - check them out at

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