Donald Trump carried the state of Louisiana in the recent Presidential election. So it's really not a surprise that many of our state's citizens are requesting tickets to be in Washington when Mr Trump takes the oath of office in January. 

United States Representative Ralph Abrahams' office is being deluged with requests by Trump supporters to secure tickets for inaugural events. The congressman had placed a link on his website for constituents to request tickets. However, the demand was so great they had to remove it.

Unfortunately not everyone who requested tickets will be able to get them, and we’re in the process now of selecting who’s going to be able to go and notifying people.

Those comments by Abrams' spokesperson Cole Avery were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

Avery says the tickets will be awarded via a lottery system. In other words, you might get picked, you might not, it's a random draw.

If they didn’t get tickets, they’re probably going to be on a wait list in case people who did get them their plans fall through. We don’t want these tickets to go to waste.

In the November 8th election, Trump defeated Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton by a margin of 58% to 38% across Louisiana.

Even if you aren't chosen to receive tickets to the special events surrounding the inauguration you can certainly be a part of the celebration. There will be public viewing areas open in the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

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