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This week, Louisiana senator Bill Cassidy is speaking about his decision to vote to impeach Donald Trump.

It was essentially the vote heard 'round the world when Louisiana republican senator Bill Cassidy voted to impeach Donald Trump. There's not a republican or conservative vote who saw that vote coming. Then the final Senate vote was counted and the dust settled, the Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump for the second time.

57 senators voted guilty, while 43 senators voted not guilty. The senate needed 67 votes of guilty to convict the former President of the United States.

Our Louisiana senators split their vote, with John Kennedy voting not guilty and Bill Cassidy voting guilty. Bill Cassidy was one of just seven republican senators to vote guilty.

As you can imagine, Cassidy faced quite a lot of backlash and criticism following the vote. The Louisiana GOP even voted to censure him shortly after the impeachment trial.

Now, Cassidy is opening up about his controversial vote. He says, "I have received comments from folks who are Republicans who object to the vote, I’ve received a heck of a lot of folks who agree with me, or if they don’t agree with me they respect the kind of thought process that went into it."

Despite the seemingly endless continuation of criticism against Cassidy, he says he is completely at peace with his vote. He says, "I am such at peace with that vote, I say that knowing that I’m getting criticized but I took an oath, so I feel good about that despite the people objecting.”

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