With the new Biden administration barely twenty four hours into its four year term, conservative minded folks across the country are taking a close look at statistics - economic and otherwise - as the Donald Trump Presidency comes to a close.

Only time will tell whether the Joe Biden numbers for employment, business growth, etc., can match the Trump years, even with the six month economic disaster wrought by the COVID pandemic.

So, here are the stats as the Chief Executive known to his haters as "Orange Man Bad" leaves office. Let's come back in twelve months and see what kind of job Biden and his buddies have done.

1) Gas is currently about $2.00 per gallon. Interest rates are 2.25 percent for a 30 year mortgage.
2) The stock market is over 30,000, despite fighting the economic fallout of the COVID pandemic for nearly a year.
3) America's GDP growth for the 3rd quarter was 33.1 percent. We had the best            economy ever until COVID and it is recovering well. We have not had any new wars      or conflicts in the last 4 years.
4) North Korea has been under control and has not been testing any missiles. ISIS has  hardly been mentioned for over 3 years.
5) The housing market is the strongest it has been in years. Homes have appreciated  at an unbelievable rate and are selling well.
6) Peace deals in the Middle East were signed by four Arab countries,securing peace  in the Middle East and giving Israel a greater measure of security.
7) In spite of the Coronavirus pandemic, forced lockdowns, closings and restrictions,    unemployment sits at 6.7%

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