Saturday May 12th is Tractor Supply Co's Market Day Event where you can sell your homegrown or homemade goods. Has that garden of yours done an excellent job? Are your soaps at the point of perfection? Does your art need to be showcased and finally make it onto someone other than your friends and families walls? Do you bake the best cookies in town? Why not showcase your talent and make some money while doing so? There is no fee for you to get set up and to sell your home made goods at TSC Market Day. Make sure you check and are in compliance with local regulations for all products that may be sold at markets. To sign up to be able to set up and sell your goods go to or you can always contact the store manager!

Tractor Supply Co is tucked away off of Benton Rd in Bossier, the address is 2151 Autoplex Dr. See you on Saturday may 12th for TSC Market Day Event!

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