Yesterday we shared some shocking photos of the conditions at Lake Bistineau. Sadly the State Park seems to be deteriorating. Well, after seeing the photos we decided to compile a list: "Top 10 Signs You Need a New Lake."

Lake Bistineau

Top 10 Signs You Need a New Lake

10.) Your current lake needs to be mowed

9.) The fish in your lake have ticks

8.) The fish in your lake have forgotten how to swim since they grew legs

7.) Your lake caught on fire and burned for 3 months

6.) The State Park at your current lake could double as a landfill

5.) Cattle graze in the middle of your lake

4.) You pull skiers on your lake with a tractor.

3.) Your lake CAUGHT ON FIRE

2.) You don’t know where the land ends and water begins

1.) You live on Lake Bistineau

Have anything to add to our list?

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