If you love chocolate, adventure, employment, and chocolate - your dream job just opened up!  Amsterdam-based candy company Tony Chocolonely is looking for a full-time, honest-to-goodness employee to assume the mantle as Chocotruck Captain and 2 more serve as Choco Co-Pilots to assist the good captain in the completion of his duties.  What are those duties?  To drive the majestic Chocotruck across this great nation (starting at Austin, Texas' world famous South by Southwest music festival), help raise awareness of the company's fight to end inequality in the cocoa industry, and eat an insane amount of free chocolate along the way.  It's like Willy Wonka took his show on the road and put you in charge!

According to travel website Thrillist, the position comes with very competitive pay and several perks.  As member of the Chocolonely crew, you'll receive monthly massages, weekly yoga, and a generous travel budget.  If this sounds like your cup of cocoa, make sure you throw your name in the hat by clicking here before the February 12th deadline.

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