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I'm not much of a poet, but to celebrate National Lost Sock Day, I wanted to lean on one of the greatest poems every written for inspiration.

In Memoriam A.H.H. was written in 1849 by Alfred Tennyson, and written as a requiem for his late friend, Arthur Henry Hallam.  When most of us think about poems, we think of the short, cute ones that last maybe a page long or so. Not this one, this is a monster, which is one reason it's so incredibly popular, even today.

This bad boy was 90 pages long, and for the most part followed the ABBA rhyme-scheme. In fact, this poem made that scheme so popular, it's now often called the "IM" scheme.

Anyways, I took arguable the most quoted stanzas from the poem, which you can read HERE, and turned them into a poem suited for today's national holiday. A tragic one, that all of us can relate to.

Happy National Sock Day to you and yours, I hope you enjoy In Memoriam L.S.D.


I can only find socks I slept in
         The captive socks that warm the foot,
         The evasive socks that when I look,
Are never where I left them.
I envy the beast that heats
         He shakes and dries with time,
         Unbothered by his accidental crime,
My dryer must be the thief.
Still, I miss all my forgotten socks
         The millions that have all gone missing,
         Looking back I sit here wishing,
That I would have just invested in Crocs.
I hold it true, I miss them all
         When I buy new ones, I feel the cost,
         'Tis better to have worn and lost
Than never to have worn at all.


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