I remember using Tinder and it was atrocious. If I had to pick between Tinder and Bumble I'd pick Bumble every time. I felt like every dude on Tinder was sketch. Obviously, most men on Tinder are there for one reason, so it's slim pickings.

Trying to find someone who actually wants to go out on a date and not just meet up for a hook-up takes work. We have all gone on a horrid date before, where you discover something about that person that makes you rethink why you went and got dressed up in the first place.

I once had a girlfriend go out with a guy a couple of times who had several warrants out for his arrest. My friend and I were mortified when we ran a google search on him. Listen it's 2021, we don't have time for scrubs in the dating world. What if your favorite dating app gave you the option to run a background check on your new match? Would you pay for that service? If I was single I would.

The company that owns Tinder, Match.com, Hinge, and OkCupid announced they're going to start letting active daters run background checks on potential love matches. The service will cost you, but wouldn't it be great to save yourself the time from dating a complete loser?

I realize you may depend on a good friend to use their internet skills, however, some reports may not pop up for us to see. How do you find out if that "Perfect" match has a history of violence or maybe even a restraining order? The "Dirty John" story comes to mind. This lady married a psychopath that had a long list of charges against him. If only she knew what a monster he really was.

According to The Verge.com Tinder will collect “public records and reports of violence or abuse, including arrests, convictions, restraining orders, harassment, and other violent crimes,”. I think this is super important for women to have this information readily available, this could save someone's life.

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