This all started as a joke between my brother and myself about how I don't eat red meat anymore and then quickly turned into a weird internet search into the darkness and horror of bugs.

I decided to stop eating meat back in December. I just wanted to feel healthier and I just so happened to be a gal who liked to throw back a cheese burger at least once a week- I know.. not good. So I made it my new years resolution to cut meat out of my diet all together. By March I decided to bring back fish and poultry so that I could level out my protein intake. Nonetheless, it was a shock to my family because I was the least likely person to them who would stop eating meat.

My brother earlier today sent me a link as if to say "this is the reason you don't eat meat anymore". I opened the link to find a nasty bug called the Lone Star Tick. This monster can make you allergic to red meat with a single nibble to your flesh.

According to the Chicago Tribune, it can take a while for the allergy to take full affect, but no one has died from it yet. However you could be stuck with the allergy for the remainder of your life.

Not to mention the CDC has announced that their is a rise in mosquitoes and ticks due to warm temperature, according to news sources.

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