Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

One Of My Favorite Treats in the Ark-La-Tex is a Snow Cone from a Food Truck.

There is a delicious spot in Longview that serves up snowcones from an Airstream trailer, and although snowcones were never my favorite snack, this place took snowcones to the next level. This spot tops their snow cones with cream, making me wonder why anyone eats snow cones any other way.

I was at Eastridge Country Club one day when I decided to try the mobile snow cone stand. I thought "This place can't come close to the spot in Longview but it's hot so I'll check it out". Boy was I wrong. My first question was "Where can I get this on the regular?" It was then the sweet lady in the snow cone trailer said, "We are opening up a store on the East Bank in Bossier soon." Since then, I have been patiently waiting to get ahold of these snow cones again.

Streetcar Station is Now Open for Business in Bossier's East Bank.

They had a soft opening on August 6th and they took to their Facebook to thank people and announce their opening date of Sunday, August 7th. I didn't realize they were open until I went across the street for dinner. When I tell you I screamed with excitement I am not kidding. I love that East Bank continues to grow and it's becoming a thriving are for our community to enjoy.

Streetcar Station is located at 409 Barksdale Blvd in Bossier. 

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