If you ask any married man in existence, he'll tell you that the 'love' dies as soon as you head down the aisle. Some say it even ends as soon as you get engaged! But what men don't realize is that they change, too and there's some things they can do to help themselves!

A new survey from Forktip says that we're least likely to want to get intimate after spending time with family, when you're hungover or when you're hungry. I'd like to add to that list. How about when they're drunk and think they're Don Juan all the sudden... After all, there's nothing sexier than whiskey breath when you've been sipping water all night long because you're the designated driver... again. Amazingly enough, that'll always cause an instant headache.

So what things will make your lady wanna? That's easy!

1. Helping out around the house - there's nothing sexier than a man doing dishes!

2. Taking care of something around the house that's been needing attention without having to be asked - being thoughtful will score you more points than you know!

3. Be affectionate to be affectionate, that's means not being affectionate just because you want some action!

4. Do something romantic! Whether you bring her flowers, have a date night, whatever, let her know that she's the one you want to spend time with!

5. Be a good dad. There's nothing sexier than a man who takes an active roll raising his kids.

6. Take care of her emotionally. You have to have trust emotionally before you can have a physically fulfilling relationship. Talk to her, take time to listen and understand what's important to her and her interests. Communication is key!

Ladies, help me out here! I'm certainly not a relationship counselor, but I am married and I have plenty of girlfriends who are ready to talk about the subject. Let's give the guys a hand shall we? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below!


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