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People love when things in their city get ranked. Favorite burgers, best schools, fanciest hotels...on and on. Everyone likes to debate them, gloat, or complain. All because of self-interest.

Or in the case of Shreveport, usually its self loathing. Shreveport LOVES to complain about themselves and the city.

People love real estate too. Even if they're not in the market for a home, they like to look at data online. Especially when they get to look a specific homes, where they get to see each room, all the amenities, the bathrooms, and all of the extras. Again, these people might not be in the market for real estate, but they love to look at real estate online.

So we're going to combine the two online trends: real estate and city rankings.

The real estate website NeighborhoodScout ranks states, cities, and neighborhoods on things like crime, schools, and value of the real estate market. For Shreveport, they broke out each neighborhood by how expensive the real estate market is in that neighborhood. Here are their rankings:

These Are The 7 Most Expensive Shreveport Neighborhoods

The list comes from Neighborhood Scout, a real estate focused website. Their definitions for these "expensive" Shreveport neighborhoods are a little odd, but you can check out their neighborhood boundaries included for each of the Shreveport neighborhoods listed.

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