Any pet is a responsibility. And it goes without saying that the more exotic a pet is, there's more responsibility. We see warnings every year about giving rabbits as pets during Easter because thousands of bunnies go neglected once the charm runs out. A recent trend in pig ownership has spawned the same problem, but a local sanctuary is hoping to help.

Brock Lee's Pig Rescue and Sanctuary is a non-profit in NW Louisiana that takes in unwanted, abandoned, and abused pigs to keep them safe, happy, and healthy.

Brock Lee's Pig Rescue

You see, there's a BIG misconception that there is a such thing as a tiny pig. There's not. Pigs are pigs. And even the small ones, like Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs can grow up to 100-150 lbs. The myth that there is a such thing as a teacup or mini pig that only grows to the size of a house cat has prompted people all over the country to go out and buy a sweet little Porky for themselves. When some of these people realize that a pig is a pig, and they don't want a 150 lb barnyard animal running around their 2 bedroom apartment, they have few places to turn except selling the swine to someone else who may or may not treat the animal well.

Around here, that's where Brock's comes in. Up in Ida, they have lots of room for those pigs to live out the rest of their lives in bliss. Of course, it's not free for them to do that, so they are always looking for donations of food, supplies, fresh hay, and of

Brock Lee's Pig Rescue - Chris Buhrer holding a new addition.

If you have a pig that needs a new home, if you would like to help this new sanctuary, or if you just want some more information, contact them via their Facebook Page. Brock and all the little piggies will thank you.