I always get a little worried around the 4th of July and New Years, because I never really know how my dog is going to react. My cat Salem usually crawls under the bed and stays there until the firework noises die down. Rudd, my dog, has had various responses each year. One year he was frantic and other years he slept right through it.

There are many ways and methods to take care of your animals during the firework season, accoriding to Insider. Check them out below.

  • Keep animals inside.
  • Microchip your pets so that they can be found if they were to run off.
  • Keep them crated. (My dog isn't a fan of being crated, so I just keep him indoors.)
  • Play soothing sounds, a movie, or white noise to drown out the sounds of fireworks. (BTW there is a pet friendly playlist on Spotify)
  • Thundershirt (or a tight fitting shirt)
  • Consider staying with your pet for the holiday.

However you celebrate do so responsibly, and don't forget about your four legged friends.

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